Installation advices


The Incanto ant tasks for Oracle requires Apache Ant >1.6.3.

The latest Ant distribution can be downloaded from this site:

Since Incanto tasks using the Oracle command line utilities, an Oracle Client needs to be installed on the machine where the build scripts are executed.

However, the <sqlplus> works also with the free Oracle Instant Client , so you don't need a full Oracle Client installation to take advantage of Sql*Plus. The Oracle Instant Client has a very small footprint and can be used without any installation.


Installation of the Incanto tasks for Ant is quite simple. Just put the Incanto JAR file into Ant's lib directory or classpath.

In your build file declare a namespace (eg "ora") for the Incato task library.

       <project ... xmlns:ora="antlib:net.sf.incanto">

The Incanto tasks can be used together with that namespace prefix.

       <ora:sqlplus ... >

Tasks contained in Incanto

Task NameDescription
sqlplusExecutes SQL*Plus Scripts
impdp, expdpDatapump Import and Export


Windows 2000/XP

  • Oracle 10.1
  • Oracle 10.2
  • Oracle Instant Client (sqlplus)
  • Oracle Instant Client (sqlplus)