Tasks for the SQL*Loader utility.

All the parametrization is done via a separate parameter file or directly by including parameters within the sqlldr tag. The parameters are written as parameter=value pairs, like:

log = sqlldr.log
control = loader.ctl
Look at Oracle's SQL*Loader Command-Line Reference documentation for a reference of all possible options.

A task can have both a parfile attribute and parameters between the enclosing task tags. In this case the parameters from the parfile will be appended to the parameters from the tags content.


Attribute Description Required
logonConnection string.

syntax: {username[/password] [@connect_identifier] | /} [AS {SYSOPER | SYSDBA}]| /NOLOG

N.b. the logon string will automatically get enclosed by apostrophes.
parfileName of a parameter file. No.
failonerror Indicates whether the build will continue if the command exits with an error code No. Defaults to 'false'
resultproperty Name of a property in which the return code of the command should be stored. Only of interest if failonerror=false. No.


<ora:sqlldr logon="scott/tiger@mydb" failonerror="yes">
    log = sqlldr.log
    control = loader.ctl