Ant Types

Common Attributes

These attributes are common to all types.

Attribute Description Required
idUnique identifier for this type instance, can be used to reference this type. No.


Defines a connection object to an ArcSDE server.

Attribute Description Required
hostServer name Yes
usernameLogin User Name Yes
passwordLogin User Password Yes
instanceArcSDE Server instance (port) No Defualts to 5151
  <sde:sdeconnection id="sde.conn" 
      host="" password="pass" username="user"/>


A TableList act as a filter, returning those tables that exist in the current schema and match the specified pattern. This type is similar to Ants FileSet type.

Attribute Description Required
patternName of the table to select. The pattern parameter can contain the standard Ant wildcard characters. No.
  <sde:tablelist id="mylist" pattern="myuser.*"/>