ArcSDE Table Tasks


These tasks are corresponding to the sdetable administration command.

Common Attributes

Attribute Description Required
connectionRefid to sdeconnection object. Yes.
tableNameA single table name this task should be executed on No.

Common Nested elements


All table based tasks support nested <tablelist> elements to specify an amount of tables, the task should be executed on.

Task List

Task NameDescription
multiversionviewCreates a multiversioned view
registertableRegisters a table in the ArcSDE table registry
unregistertableRemoves a table from the ArcSDE table registry
createindexCreates an index on a table
deleteindexDeletes an index on a table
addcolumnAdds a column to a table
dropcolumnDrops a column from a table
grantaccess,revokeaccessGrants/Revokes specified privileges